International Project Funding: Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry


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This map shows funding for Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry projects from the World Bank and US foundations, as well as the percentage of land cover in each country that is occupied by forests or cropland.

Push the "play" button to see the changes in funding and land cover from 2001 to 2007. Hover over countries and funding bubbles to view specifics for each region. You may also turn off or toggle the layers by pushing the buttons at the top of the map.

US Foundation Funding for Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry Projects, 2001-2007

Total: $1.16 billion

* Blue bars represent summaries of the blue bubbles on the map.
** Includes projects not coded to one or a few specific countries.
*** Funding for projects coded to "Developing Countries" and "Global Programs" were not broken out by continent.


US Foundation funding: Foundation Center
World Bank funding: World Bank Projects Portfolio (download)
Forest/cropland %: World Bank Indicators (API)


The Millennium Development Goals for Environmental Sustainability were used as a prism through which to compare the major World Bank loan sectors with the Foundation Center’s Grants Classification System, the hierarchical alphanumeric system we use to categorize our grants and recipient organizations, resulting in the selection of the Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry sector, on the basis of the extensive alignment between Center grants, World Bank loans, and MDG/Environmental Sustainability, and the highly specific quality and superior quantity of the World Bank loans in this category.


Foundation Center data is based on all grants of $10,000 or more awarded by more than 1,000 of the largest U.S. foundations. Giving by these foundations typically accounts for half of overall giving by all U.S. foundations and over three-quarters of international funding. Figures include only grants awarded to specified countries that were intended to benefit those countries. Excluded were grants awarded to third-party countries for the benefit of those countries (including U.S.-based international programs) and grants specifying 'developing countries' or 'global programs'.

The World Bank dataset represents loans approved between 2001-2007 within the Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry sector and its six subcategories, aggregating the total amount contributed via World Bank funds the International Development Association and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, plus any additional World Bank grant amounts.
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